AirStop Wireless

AirStop Wireless 2.4.0

Security tool for your home and office networks

AirStop Wireless is a helpful application that controls computer access to authorized networks. This tool forces your tablet PC or laptop to single SSID settings. AirStop Wireless will turn off your wireless adapter every time you are outside the range of your secure networks. These features ensure secure connections, and avoid data leakage due to unsecure connections with other wireless networks. Whether AirStop Wireless is configured for your home or office, no unauthorized network will be allowed to connect. The program offers two main configurations: one for connection only to predefined wireless networks, and another for out of range network situations. You'll have complete control of the security for the entire network you're administrating. This application will be in charge whenever you are away; protecting your network computers and data from different threats. Now there's no problem any time a signal that's stronger than your predefined connection is detected by your wireless adapter. This tool will always redirect your computers to a safe network. AirStop Wireless is an essential tool for home and office networking security.

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AirStop Wireless


AirStop Wireless 2.4.0

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  • EddieWireless

    by EddieWireless

    "Does what it says"

    I had a problem where I was always connecting to the wrong wireless network and the wrong SSID. Our WiFi was connecti...   More.